Spirit Fields

Spirit Fields is a lawless island, where you can kill other players, and you can be killed by other players - without any consequences.

You will be able to travel there by saying Spirit Fields to boat NPC - from Thais to the north boat on the map, from Port Hope to the jungle boat on the west and from Ankrahmun to the Desert side on the east. Once you are at the war map you can also travel to each boat quickly E.G just say hi, west, yes to get to jungle boat, hi, east, yes to get to desert boat, hi, north, yes to get to north place.

Remember the important things:

1. You will get a skull on attack target but you will not get any unjustified frags when killing players in this location.

2. You can travel here by 3 boats – Thais, Ankrahmun, Port Hope.

3. If you in warmode with your victim, you will get EXP as normal.

5. You can buy supplies here and also there is a Bank.

6. Exp / skill loss is same as normal.

7. Aol / bless loss is same as normal.