Emblems are items used to upgrade your equipment and weapons. They can be obtained by killing 6 powerful daily bosses - https://wiki.kasteria.pl/wiki/daily-bosses

There are three types of emblems in the game: bronze, silver, and the rarest - golden emblem.

Bronze Emblem - using a Bronze Emblem will enable you to upgrade from 0 to +3

Silver Emblem - using a Silver Emblem will enable you to upgrade from +3 to +5

Golden Emblem - using a Golden Emblem will enable you to upgrade from +5 to +7

To upgrade your selected equipment simply use your Emblem on the item.

Each Emblem can be used once giving you a maximum of +1 each time. You must keep your fingers crossed when using your Emblems at The Forge as sometimes your Emblem will fail to upgrade your equipment and as a result your item can be downgraded by 1! But don't worry, you will never lose your selected equipment. If you wish to give your item some extra protection you can find a Downgrade Protector from the in game store - this only protects you for 5 Forge attempts!

In addition to increasing equipment statistics, each item on level +7 gives +4% extra damage from spells!

You will also be able to convert your Bronze Emblems to Silver Emblem and Silver to Golden using The Forge Machine that will be located in every temple on Kasteria world. Simply use the machine and add 3 of the same type of Emblem and click the Forge button.