Daily Events

On the server, from Monday to Friday, each player has the opportunity to take part in one of five events. The events take place at 3 times of the day - 12:00, 16:00, 20:00 CET.

You are able to see what events are happening each day by using in-game Event Calendar (button under your equipment).

Participation in the event, in addition to a large dose of fun, gives you the opportunity to get an event token for first, second and third place.

The event token is a currency that you can exchange with NPC Aeron Blevins for outfits and mounts.

List of events and their descriptions:

Meteor Rain Event - the aim of this event is to dodge the Meteors as they fall from the sky! You have 0.5 seconds to get out from a square on which a meteor is landing.

Drunk Race Event - you will be uncontrollably drunk! If you thought a Djinn spell was bad wait till you enter this event! The fastest 3 people will receive rewards!

Football Event - This amazing new event is a tournament of elimination! You will be placed in teams of 4 and the winner will move on to the next round! You can also pick your team of 4 to enter the tournament simply by being in a party of 4 right before the event begins! If your team is not ready don't worry, you can pick your team in the waiting room!

NOTE - in this event you won't get event tokens for winning, losing and winning team gets bonus experience for next hours.

Team Battle Event - Many peoples favourite, a good old Red Team vs Blue Team Deathmatch! You will not receive reward tokens from this event but as always every player will receive a temporary XP boost.

Throwing Egg Event - in this event you have to aim and shoot an egg on a player using a unique spell 'exevo pascha' (just like the spell Exevo Gran vis Lux in a straight line). The top 3 players with the most hits will receive rewards!