Daily Bosses

In addition to the mass of dangerous creatures on Kasteria, you have a possibility to kill 6 powerful bosses spread all over the world.

Each of these bosses differs in strength and defeating them gives the team access to a chest with random rewards for every warrior, including the opportunity to get emblems needed to upgrade weapons, as well as parts needed to create the best equipment on the server.

Below you can see all the different stages of difficulty:

Blaze the Havoc - Level requirement: 80+ View on map

Endless Frozen Eye - Level requirement: 100+ View on map

Eye of Destruction - Level requirement: 100+ View on map

Ophaniel the Undefeated - Level requirement: 130+ View on map

Ar'gazoth - Level requirement: 150+ View on map

Astaroth - Level requirement: 180+ View on map

You can fight all the bosses every 20 hours.

Be careful warrior, if you die - you cannot enter it again.