Sell to NPC

Name Price
Jade Hammer Jade Hammer
(Words: jade hammer)
25,000 gp
Nightmare Blade Nightmare Blade
(Words: nightmare blade)
35,000 gp
Noble Axe Noble Axe
(Words: noble axe)
10,000 gp
Norse Shield Norse Shield
(Words: norse shield)
1,500 gp
Orcish Maul Orcish Maul
(Words: orcish maul)
6,000 gp
Patched Boots Patched Boots
(Words: patched boots)
2,000 gp
Pharaoh Sword Pharaoh Sword
(Words: pharaoh sword)
23,000 gp
Pirate Boots Pirate Boots
(Words: pirate boots)
3,000 gp
Pirate Hat Pirate Hat
(Words: pirate hat)
1,000 gp
Pirate Knee Breeches Pirate Knee Breeches
(Words: pirate knee breeches)
200 gp
Pirate Shirt Pirate Shirt
(Words: pirate shirt)
500 gp
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet
(Words: platinum amulet)
2,500 gp
Naginata Naginata
(Words: naginata)
2,000 gp
Mystic Blade Mystic Blade
(Words: mystic blade)
30,000 gp
Krimhorn Helmet Krimhorn Helmet
(Words: krimhorn helmet)
200 gp
Leopard Armor Leopard Armor
(Words: leopard armor)
1,000 gp
Light Shovel Light Shovel
(Words: light shovel)
300 gp
Lunar Staff Lunar Staff
(Words: lunar staff)
5,000 gp
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor
(Words: magic plate armor)
90,000 gp
Mammoth Fur Cape Mammoth Fur Cape
(Words: mammoth fur cape)
6,000 gp
Mammoth Fur Shorts Mammoth Fur Shorts
(Words: mammoth fur shorts)
850 gp
Mammoth Whopper Mammoth Whopper
(Words: mammoth whopper)
300 gp
Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield
(Words: mastermind shield)
50,000 gp
Medusa Shield Medusa Shield
(Words: medusa shield)
9,000 gp
Mercenary Sword Mercenary Sword
(Words: mercenary sword)
12,000 gp
Ragnir Helmet Ragnir Helmet
(Words: ragnir helmet)
400 gp
Relic Sword Relic Sword
(Words: relic sword)
25,000 gp
Tempest Shield Tempest Shield
(Words: tempest shield)
35,000 gp
Justice Seeker Justice Seeker
(Words: justice seeker)
40,000 gp
Tortoise Shield Tortoise Shield
(Words: tortoise shield)
150 gp
Vile Axe Vile Axe
(Words: vile axe)
30,000 gp
War Axe War Axe
(Words: war axe)
12,000 gp
War Horn War Horn
(Words: war horn)
8,000 gp
Wyvern Fang Wyvern Fang
(Words: wyvern fang)
1,500 gp
Bright Sword Bright Sword
(Words: bright sword)
8,000 gp
Freeze Helmet Freeze Helmet
(Words: freeze helmet)
2,500 gp
Freeze Armor Freeze Armor
(Words: freeze armor)
12,000 gp
Freeze Shield Freeze Shield
(Words: freeze shield)
8,000 gp
Taurus Mace Taurus Mace
(Words: taurus mace)
500 gp
Steel Boots Steel Boots
(Words: steel boots)
30,000 gp
Ring of The Sky Ring of The Sky
(Words: ring of the sky)
30,000 gp
Royal Axe Royal Axe
(Words: royal axe)
40,000 gp
Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace
(Words: ruby necklace)
2,000 gp
Ruthless Axe Ruthless Axe
(Words: ruthless axe)
45,000 gp
Sapphire Hammer Sapphire Hammer
(Words: sapphire hammer)
7,000 gp
Scarab Amulet Scarab Amulet
(Words: scarab amulet)
200 gp
Scarab Shield Scarab Shield
(Words: scarab shield)
2,000 gp
Silver Brooch Silver Brooch
(Words: silver brooch)
150 gp
Silver Dagger Silver Dagger
(Words: silver dagger)
500 gp
Skull Helmet Skull Helmet
(Words: skull helmet)
40,000 gp
Spiked Squelcher Spiked Squelcher
(Words: spiked squelcher)
5,000 gp
Freeze Legs Freeze Legs
(Words: freeze legs)
12,000 gp
Abyss Hammer Abyss Hammer
(Words: abyss hammer)
20,000 gp
Cranial Basher Cranial Basher
(Words: cranial basher)
30,000 gp
Crocodile Boots Crocodile Boots
(Words: crocodile boots)
1,000 gp
Crystal Mace Crystal Mace
(Words: crystal mace)
12,000 gp
Crystal Necklace Crystal Necklace
(Words: crystal necklace)
400 gp
Crystal Ring Crystal Ring
(Words: crystal ring)
250 gp
Crystal Sword Crystal Sword
(Words: crystal sword)
600 gp
Daramanian Mace Daramanian Mace
(Words: daramanian mace)
110 gp
Daramanian Waraxe Daramanian Waraxe
(Words: daramanian waraxe)
1,000 gp
Dark Shield Dark Shield
(Words: dark shield)
400 gp
Death Ring Death Ring
(Words: death ring)
1,000 gp
Demon Shield Demon Shield
(Words: demon shield)
30,000 gp
Chaos Mace Chaos Mace
(Words: chaos mace)
9,000 gp
Castle Shield Castle Shield
(Words: castle shield)
5,000 gp
Amber Staff Amber Staff
(Words: amber staff)
8,000 gp
Ancient Amulet Ancient Amulet
(Words: ancient amulet)
200 gp
Assassin Dagger Assassin Dagger
(Words: assassin dagger)
20,000 gp
Bandana Bandana
(Words: bandana)
150 gp
Beastslayer Axe Beastslayer Axe
(Words: beastslayer axe)
1,500 gp
Berserker Berserker
(Words: berserker)
40,000 gp
Blacksteel Sword Blacksteel Sword
(Words: blacksteel sword)
6,000 gp
Blessed Sceptre Blessed Sceptre
(Words: blessed sceptre)
40,000 gp
Bone Shield Bone Shield
(Words: bone shield)
80 gp
Beholder Helmet Beholder Helmet
(Words: beholder helmet)
7,500 gp
Brutetamer's Staff Brutetamer's Staff
(Words: brutetamer's staff)
1,500 gp
Demonbone Amulet Demonbone Amulet
(Words: demonbone amulet)
32,000 gp
Demonrage Sword Demonrage Sword
(Words: demonrage sword)
36,000 gp
Epee Epee
(Words: epee)
8,000 gp
Fur Boots Fur Boots
(Words: fur boots)
2,000 gp
Furry Club Furry Club
(Words: furry club)
1,000 gp
Gold Ring Gold Ring
(Words: gold ring)
8,000 gp
Golden Armor Golden Armor
(Words: golden armor)
20,000 gp
Golden Legs Golden Legs
(Words: golden legs)
30,000 gp
Guardian Halberd Guardian Halberd
(Words: guardian halberd)
11,000 gp
Hammer of Wrath Hammer of Wrath
(Words: hammer of wrath)
30,000 gp
Headchopper Headchopper
(Words: headchopper)
6,000 gp
Heavy Mace Heavy Mace
(Words: heavy mace)
50,000 gp
Heavy Machete Heavy Machete
(Words: heavy machete)
90 gp
Emerald Bangle Emerald Bangle
(Words: emerald bangle)
800 gp
Elvish Bow Elvish Bow
(Words: elvish bow)
2,000 gp
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet
(Words: devil helmet)
1,000 gp
Diamond Sceptre Diamond Sceptre
(Words: diamond sceptre)
3,000 gp
Djinn Blade Djinn Blade
(Words: djinn blade)
15,000 gp
Pirate Voodoo Doll Pirate Voodoo Doll
(Words: pirate voodoo, pirate voodoo doll)
500 gp
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Doll
(Words: voodoo)
500 gp
Doll Doll
(Words: doll)
200 gp
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail
(Words: dragon scale mail)
40,000 gp
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
(Words: dragon slayer)
15,000 gp
Dragonbone Staff Dragonbone Staff
(Words: dragonbone staff)
3,000 gp
Dreaded Cleaver Dreaded Cleaver
(Words: dreaded cleaver, dreaded cleaver)
10,000 gp
Dwarven Armor Dwarven Armor
(Words: dwarven armor)
30,000 gp
Heroic Axe Heroic Axe
(Words: heroic axe)
30,000 gp