Sell to NPC

Name Price
Leather Armor Leather Armor
(Words: leather armor)
2 gp
Studded Armor Studded Armor
(Words: studded armor)
18 gp
Doublet Doublet
(Words: doublet)
1 gp
Noble Armor Noble Armor
(Words: rose armor)
140 gp
Crown Armor Crown Armor
(Words: crown armor)
210 gp
Crown Legs Crown Legs
(Words: crown legs)
60 gp
Dark Armor Dark Armor
(Words: dark armor)
130 gp
Dark Helmet Dark Helmet
(Words: dark helmet)
40 gp
Crown Helmet Crown Helmet
(Words: crown helmet)
70 gp
Dragon Scale Mail Dragon Scale Mail
(Words: dragon scale mail)
280 gp
Demon Helmet Demon Helmet
(Words: demon helmet)
95 gp
Demon Armor Demon Armor
(Words: demon armor)
195 gp
Demon Legs Demon Legs
(Words: demon legs)
84 gp
Horned Helmet Horned Helmet
(Words: horned helmet)
155 gp
Scale Armor Scale Armor
(Words: scale armor)
75 gp
Studded Helmet Studded Helmet
(Words: studded helmet)
2 gp
Soldier Helmet Soldier Helmet
(Words: soldier helmet)
16 gp
Studded Legs Studded Legs
(Words: studded legs)
15 gp
Dragon Scale Legs Dragon Scale Legs
(Words: dragon scale legs)
180 gp
Golden Legs Golden Legs
(Words: golden legs)
120 gp
Golden Helmet Golden Helmet
(Words: golden helmet)
420 gp
Magic Plate Armor Magic Plate Armor
(Words: magic plate armor)
720 gp
Viking Helmet Viking Helmet
(Words: viking helmet)
12 gp
Winged Helmet Winged Helmet
(Words: winged helmet)
320 gp
Warrior Helmet Warrior Helmet
(Words: warrior helmet)
75 gp
Knight Armor Knight Armor
(Words: knight armor)
140 gp
Knight Legs Knight Legs
(Words: knight legs)
130 gp
Brass Legs Brass Legs
(Words: brass legs)
15 gp
Strange Helmet Strange Helmet
(Words: strange helmet)
55 gp
Legion Helmet Legion Helmet
(Words: legion helmet)
8 gp
Steel Shield Steel Shield
(Words: steel shield)
30 gp
Plate Shield Plate Shield
(Words: plate shield)
25 gp
Tower Shield Tower Shield
(Words: tower shield)
90 gp
Black Shield Black Shield
(Words: black shield)
5 gp
Copper Shield Copper Shield
(Words: copper shield)
10 gp
Viking Shield Viking Shield
(Words: viking shield)
35 gp
Ancient Shield Ancient Shield
(Words: ancient shield)
49 gp
Griffin Shield Griffin Shield
(Words: griffin shield)
59 gp
Vampire Shield Vampire Shield
(Words: vampire shield)
119 gp
Sword Sword
(Words: sword)
7 gp
Axe Axe
(Words: axe)
6 gp
Club Club
(Words: club)
1 gp
Mace Mace
(Words: mace)
8 gp
Dagger Dagger
(Words: dagger)
1 gp
Halberd Halberd
(Words: halberd)
50 gp
Rose Shield Rose Shield
(Words: rose shield)
49 gp
Studded Shield Studded Shield
(Words: studded shield)
2 gp
Dwarven Shield Dwarven Shield
(Words: dwarven shield)
55 gp
Brass Shield Brass Shield
(Words: brass shield)
15 gp
Wooden Shield Wooden Shield
(Words: wooden shield)
1 gp
Battle Shield Battle Shield
(Words: battle shield)
50 gp
Mastermind Shield Mastermind Shield
(Words: mastermind shield)
550 gp
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield
(Words: guardian shield)
150 gp
Dragon Shield Dragon Shield
(Words: dragon shield)
115 gp
Beholder Shield Beholder Shield
(Words: beholder shield)
79 gp
Crown Shield Crown Shield
(Words: crown shield)
109 gp
Demon Shield Demon Shield
(Words: demon shield)
130 gp
Dark Shield Dark Shield
(Words: dark shield)
60 gp
Great Shield Great Shield
(Words: great shield)
480 gp
Blessed Shield Blessed Shield
(Words: blessed shield)
650 gp
Ornamented Shield Ornamented Shield
(Words: ornamented shield)
45 gp
Plate Armor Plate Armor
(Words: plate armor)
110 gp
Two Handed Sword Two Handed Sword
(Words: two handed sword)
60 gp
Throwing Star Throwing Star
(Words: throwing star)
2 gp
Magic Sword Magic Sword
(Words: magic sword)
350 gp
Staff Staff
(Words: staff)
1 gp
Silver Dagger Silver Dagger
(Words: silver dagger)
1 gp
Combat Knife Combat Knife
(Words: combat knife)
1 gp
Knife Knife
(Words: knife)
1 gp
Sickle Sickle
(Words: sickle)
1 gp
Short Sword Short Sword
(Words: short sword)
3 gp
Bright Sword Bright Sword
(Words: bright sword)
280 gp
Warlord Sword Warlord Sword
(Words: warlord sword)
360 gp
Serpent Sword Serpent Sword
(Words: serpent sword)
15 gp
Throwing Knife Throwing Knife
(Words: throwing knife)
2 gp
Poison Dagger Poison Dagger
(Words: poison dagger)
5 gp
Longsword Longsword
(Words: longsword)
8 gp
Ice Rapier Ice Rapier
(Words: ice rapier)
250 gp
Carlin Sword Carlin Sword
(Words: carlin sword)
5 gp
Battle Axe Battle Axe
(Words: battle axe)
40 gp
Hand Axe Hand Axe
(Words: hand axe)
5 gp
Spike Sword Spike Sword
(Words: spike sword)
25 gp
Rapier Rapier
(Words: rapier)
5 gp
Sabre Sabre
(Words: sabre)
6 gp
Double Axe Double Axe
(Words: double axe)
70 gp
Hatchet Hatchet
(Words: hatchet)
7 gp
Spear Spear
(Words: spear)
2 gp
Magic Longsword Magic Longsword
(Words: magic longsword)
460 gp
War Hammer War Hammer
(Words: war hammer)
90 gp
Fire Sword Fire Sword
(Words: fire sword)
335 gp
Giant Sword Giant Sword
(Words: giant sword)
100 gp
Morning Star Morning Star
(Words: morning star)
50 gp
Katana Katana
(Words: katana)
8 gp
Broad Sword Broad Sword
(Words: broadsword)
10 gp
Knight Axe Knight Axe
(Words: knight axe)
2 gp
Stonecutter Axe Stonecutter Axe
(Words: stonecutter axe)
320 gp
Fire Axe Fire Axe
(Words: fire axe)
280 gp
Crossbow Crossbow
(Words: crossbow)
20 gp
Bow Bow
(Words: bow)
15 gp
Steel Helmet Steel Helmet
(Words: steel helmet)
60 gp
Chain Helmet Chain Helmet
(Words: chain helmet)
4 gp
Iron Helmet Iron Helmet
(Words: iron helmet)
30 gp
Brass Helmet Brass Helmet
(Words: brass helmet)
8 gp
Leather Helmet Leather Helmet
(Words: leather helmet)
1 gp
Devil Helmet Devil Helmet
(Words: devil helmet)
80 gp
Chain Armor Chain Armor
(Words: chain armor)
30 gp
Brass Armor Brass Armor
(Words: brass armor)
50 gp
Barbarian Axe Barbarian Axe
(Words: barbarian axe)
30 gp
Orcish Axe Orcish Axe
(Words: orcish axe)
12 gp
Guardian Halberd Guardian Halberd
(Words: guardian halberd)
120 gp
Dragon Lance Dragon Lance
(Words: dragon lance)
90 gp
Great Axe Great Axe
(Words: great axe)
300 gp
Crowbar Crowbar
(Words: crowbar)
1 gp
Battle Hammer Battle Hammer
(Words: battle hammer)
40 gp
Golden Sickle Golden Sickle
(Words: golden sickle)
10 gp
Scimitar Scimitar
(Words: scimitar)
10 gp
Machete Machete
(Words: machete)
6 gp
Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammer
(Words: thunder hammer)
450 gp
Iron Hammer Iron Hammer
(Words: iron hammer)
9 gp
Clerical Mace Clerical Mace
(Words: clerical mace)
30 gp
Silver Mace Silver Mace
(Words: silver mace)
2 gp
Obsidian Lance Obsidian Lance
(Words: obsidian lance)
50 gp
Naginata Naginata
(Words: naginata)
80 gp
Golden Armor Golden Armor
(Words: golden armor)
580 gp