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Necklaces list

Name Weight
Sapphire Amulet Sapphire Amulet
You see a sapphire amulet (Arm:3).
It weighs 52.00 oz.
52 oz.
Platinum Amulet Platinum Amulet
You see a platinum amulet (Arm:2).
It weighs 6.00 oz.
It is an amulet of protection.
6 oz.
Scarf Scarf
You see a scarf (Arm:1).
It weighs 2.00 oz.
2 oz.
Crystal Necklace Crystal Necklace
You see a crystal necklace.
It weighs 4.90 oz.
4.9 oz.
Bronze Necklace Bronze Necklace
You see a bronze necklace.
It weighs 4.10 oz.
4.1 oz.
Wolf Tooth Chain Wolf Tooth Chain
You see a wolf tooth chain.
It weighs 3.30 oz.
3.3 oz.
Golden Amulet Golden Amulet
You see a golden amulet.
It weighs 8.30 oz.
8.3 oz.
Star Amulet Star Amulet
You see a star amulet.
It weighs 6.10 oz.
6.1 oz.
Silver Necklace Silver Necklace
You see a silver necklace.
It weighs 4.80 oz.
4.8 oz.
Ruby Necklace Ruby Necklace
You see a ruby necklace.
It weighs 5.70 oz.
5.7 oz.
Scarab Amulet Scarab Amulet
You see a scarab amulet.
It weighs 7.70 oz.
7.7 oz.
Demonbone Amulet Demonbone Amulet
You see a demonbone amulet.
It weighs 6.90 oz.
6.9 oz.
Ancient Amulet Ancient Amulet
You see an ancient amulet.
It weighs 8.40 oz.
8.4 oz.
Strange Talisman Strange Talisman
You see a strange talisman that has 200 charges left (protection energy 10%).
It weighs 2.90 oz.
2.9 oz.
Silver Amulet Silver Amulet
You see a silver amulet that has 200 charges left (protection poison 10%).
It weighs 5.00 oz.
5 oz.
Bronze Amulet Bronze Amulet
You see a bronze amulet that has 200 charges left (protection mana drain 20%).
It weighs 5.00 oz.
5 oz.
Amulet of Loss Amulet of Loss
You see an amulet of loss.
It weighs 4.20 oz.
4.2 oz.
Broken Amulet Broken Amulet
You see a broken amulet.
It weighs 4.20 oz.
4.2 oz.
Stone Skin Amulet Stone Skin Amulet
You see a stone skin amulet that has 5 charges left (protection physical 80%).
It weighs 7.60 oz.
7.6 oz.
Elven Amulet Elven Amulet
You see an elven amulet that has 50 charges left (protection physical 10%, energy 10%, poison 10%, fire 10%).
It weighs 2.70 oz.
2.7 oz.
Garlic Necklace Garlic Necklace
You see a garlic necklace that has 150 charges left (protection life drain 20%).
It weighs 3.80 oz.
3.8 oz.
Protection Amulet Protection Amulet
You see a protection amulet that has 250 charges left (protection physical 10%).
It weighs 5.50 oz.
5.5 oz.
Dragon Necklace Dragon Necklace
You see a dragon necklace that has 200 charges left (protection fire 8%).
It weighs 6.30 oz.
6.3 oz.
Paw Amulet Paw Amulet
You see a paw amulet.
It weighs 10.00 oz.
10 oz.
Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain Ceiron's Wolf Tooth Chain
You see Ceiron's wolf tooth chain.
It weighs 3.30 oz.
3.3 oz.
What is 'In-game'? It's count of items on players, in depots and at houses.